Icone Dados Empresa USE TERMS
Access to the Service

While accessing or using the Service, including browsing the Website of the GeoGo or accessing the serious game in a mobile device, the user accepts and agrees with these Service Conditions and the Privacy Policy. It may also be requested to the user to register an account on the Service or having an account with the apps supplier for your mobile device. The user ensures he/she is not prohibited from receiving products originating from the Portuguese Republic, including Services, products or software. If the user is under 16 years old he/she can only receive prizes by presenting a declaration from the holder of parental control (father or mother) confirming he/she read, analyzed and accepted the conditions of utilization of the serious game of the GeoGo. The declaration must be accompanied by a photocopy of the identification document to certify the quality in which the declaration is signed.
The user must have all the necessary equipment and software to connect to the Service, including, among other, a mobile device suitable to connect and use the Service, in those cases where the Service offers a mobile component.
The user is responsible for paying any fees, including the Internet connection or mobile phone fees incurred by the user while accessing the Service.

Service Utilization

The following restrictions of the Service are applied:
a) The user will not have more than one Account and will not create na account using a fake identity or information, or in behalf of other person that is not the user himself;
b) The user will not create and Account or use the Service if he/she had been previously removed by the GeoGo or if he/she has been previously banned from the game;
c) The user will only use its Account for non-commercial purposes;
d) The user will not use the Account to advertise, raise or transmit any commercial advertising, including chain messages, unsolicited advertising or repeated messages (“spim” and “spam”) to anyone;
e) The user will not use his/her Account to engage in any illegal activity;
f) The user will not sublicense, rent, lease, sell, trade, offer, bequeath, or transmit by any means his/her Account or any Virtual Articles associated with his/her Account to anyone without written authorization by the GeoGo;
g) The user will not access or use an Account or Virtual Articles that have been sublicensed, rented, traded, sold, commercialized, offered, bequeathed or that have been, by any means, transmitted by the original creator of the Account without authorization of the GeoGo.